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When looking at expos, conventions, and events, it is always hard to figure out where I would possibly want to present my work at. Due to my work being a wide range catering to different types of people and age groups, I particularly found a few I would love to be a part of.

  • Phoenix Comic Con- I may not look the part, but deep down I am a huge nerd. I spend my weekends at work but right after, all I do is relax and play League of Legends with my boyfriend. Due to this obsession and hobbie, I found myself to enjoy painting fan art for the game. Especially my obsessions with yordles, since they are tiny and I am tiny my own self. This place would be the perfect opportunity to present my work by purchasing a booth. However, even though I was anticipating for it, the deadline for the booth registration is already up :(, there is always Amazing Arizona Comic Con and the next Phoenix Comic Con!


  • Toy Expos/Fairs- Something else besides painting that I do is creating characters and cater towards children. I am currently finished with a children’s book and is in search for a publisher. I feel as if toy fairs and toy shows near by would be beneficial to what I am doing and the market I am catering to.

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    May 6, 2014

    I may not look like one but I am also a League of Legends player. I am a diamond player but I am still not into cosplaying.

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