ImageImageIt’s about that time of year again! Starting tomorrow begins my month of no sleep, long work hours, and non-stop hustle. Hello Spring Training!! For most people its that time where the weather is great, and you watch baseball and get drunk. Meanwhile for me, its nothing but a stressful money worthwhile month while babysitting every one of you drunkos. Nothing but dealing with customers, ignorant people that want nothing but pictures with me because I am a midget (what if I don’t want to take a picture with your face?jk) Good thing about this opportunity? Making lots of money! I remember last spring training I had my partner in crime, sadly, this year I will be taking on the month without her 🙁 So if anyone happens to be in Old Town Scottsdale for some Giants baseball games, I will be working at Giligins 24/7, so come in and see me!

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