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If you are in the industry, you know spring training is the biggest money making month! Instead of spring break, I spent mine at work! It’s been crazy dealing with baseball fans from all over the place that are in town to drink. So far have been dealt with weird questions and here are a few.

Do you only date midgets?
Um no thanks, don’t find them attractive. My boyfriend is 5 ft 11 🙂

Why do you say midget? That’s so rude omg.
Because I am one and I’m allowed to say it. Just don’t go using it in the context that you just used it in. Dumb bitch.

Why do I have to tip for a picture?
Maybe because You want something from me, and so I want something back from you.

And the dreaded question….
Omg can we get a picture? Can you sit on my lap?
No! That’s creepy. Don’t understand why people want a picture. I am just a person, just a little shorter. I sure as hell don’t want a picture with you!

20140316-225730.jpgThis was me selling jello shots during the block party

20140316-225842.jpgThis handsome big fella came into my place of work! I even got to sit on him, he was almost double my size!


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    March 19, 2014

    Hahaha those questions and answers were priceless! My god “sit on my lap” people actually ask you that what dumb saws

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      March 20, 2014

      I know seriously! I get some of the worst weird and dumb questions ever asked to me. Sometimes I even wonder if people think before they speak lol

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        March 20, 2014

        Nope they do not because they are stupid!!!!

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