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God only lets things grow until they are perfect. Some of us didn’t take as long as others.


The other day, I had a friend send this quote to me. Sometimes I really wish they sent it to me when I was younger, because I really could of used some humor to kick some sense into me back then. However, I will say everything that has happened in the past for me happens for a reason. It has made me who I am today, and I am proud to be 4 ft 5.  Some of the things I had to go through involved:

  • Human Growth Hormones -Extremely expensive, disgusting, and maybe only helped me by 2 inches
  • Chinese remedies & getting my legs pulled every morning -It was always funny and annoying waking up to my mother pulling my legs to make them grow.
  • THE SHORT BUS– no pun intended but really I had to take the short bus in my Senior year of high school. It was embarrassing, but I did live in Flagstaff so I didn’t mind not having to walk to school in the snow.
  • Getting picked last in gym class– Yep, I was that kid. I don’t blame them, I can’t run fast :p
  • The dreaded Kid’s menu– thankfully I don’t get that anymore, but growing up it was embarassing
  • CLOTHES THAT DON’T FIT 🙁– but the good thing about it? I can wear tops as dresses;) and shopping at the kids section for shoes and shorts certainly is a lot cheaper.

Now that I am able to live above it, and believe in myself and embrace the gift I was given. Life is GREAT. Couldn’t help but reminisce today!

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