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Went to the Renaissance fair today, never in my life would I ever even think about dressing up as an elf, oompa loompa, etc as I find that to be semi offensive and cliche as far as being a little person. I always found that to be annoying when people compare us little people to those cliche images.

However, I will have to say I couldn’t help it and had to do it. Out of all places though, I felt as if dressing as a pixie/elf at the Renaissance fair was perfect. Certainly had numerous of stares from the public, but in a way it felt different than the stares I usually get from people just walking down the street. This time, people just chuckled and Aw’d. Now I have a set of elf ears for future cosplay or costumes. Time to bring out my nerd side >:]

Asta elf


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    February 24, 2014

    Omg ASta I absolutely looove your blog!! It’s got attitude, spunk, and just your overall confidence in yourself love love love

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    February 25, 2014

    This blog is hilarious and uniquely amazing. I would never think to share my personal experiences like this. Definitely following. Love the sass!

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