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Working at a “Midget Bar” certainly has numerous amounts of different stories every weekend. This previous weekend at work consisted of idiots whom do not know how to think before they speak. Comments such as “OMG where can I find a Midget?” stirred up my brains as far as the fact of referring to me as an object. So here is some guide tips for the next time you see someone super short.


1) Please don’t use air quotation marks when asking about “Little People”, that is embarrassing not for me, but for you.

2) I am allowed to use the word Midget because I am one, but please be careful using that word around others. I don’t find it offensive because I work in the entertainment industry, however if there is a 67 year old short person walking around, do not point and go “LOOK ITS A MIDGET!”. Learn to use common sense.

3) If you approach me and attempt to squeeze my cheeks, pat me on the head, or talk to me like a kid, I WILL kick you out of the bar.

4) Just use common sense! We are people just like any other person. Before you speak please use your head. I don’t go around shouting out, “Where can I find a fat person?” Nor do I point at one when I see one. So neither should you when it comes to someone shorter. Some thoughts are better to be kept in your head.


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    March 4, 2014

    I love number 3 and 4. I believe any negative comment that is made is not about you but it’s about the person’s insecurity of himself/herself !!! But right on, love this post!!!

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    March 4, 2014

    Some people just haven’t grown up, add alcohol to the mix I bet the results don’t improve. Hope they visit this blog and learn something though.

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