So its pretty much buckle down finals week, and its been stressful trying to jam out a huge paper and staying on top of all the other classes. Tonight is one of those nights where its time to relax and get a bunch of things done. Saw these things the other day and went holy moly, its too cute. I must get it to satisfy my wine obsession and my obsession for little things that are my size. I can understand when people say items or animals are cute, but when someone look at me and go “Omg you’re so tiny, you’re so cute!” I just go, HA and walk away. If pets and items could talk they would react the exact same way the way I do when they hear that all the time. On another note, hope everyone is doing well, don’t get too stressed, just drink some wine!


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    May 3, 2014

    I saw these the other day also and was contemplating on buying them.They really are adorable and the perfect size for nights where you are loaded with homework or nights when you just want to relax for a bit.

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    Alicia Jack (@AliciaJack1)

    May 4, 2014

    I love this! It makes me want to go buy a bottle of wine. But it does make me say “awww those are so small and cute”. Its time to “get shit done” as Cindy would say.

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    May 6, 2014

    Hahaha that’s funny because I’m 6’6″ and really like when I find giant-sized things in grocery stores.

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    Michelley Belly Desserts

    May 6, 2014

    Today is my last day of finals, so wine is sounding quite good right about now haha

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