HOME I wear t-shirts as dresses, but where can i find shoes?

The one problem every little person face is the fact that it is so hard to find things that fit properly! There are ways around certain scenarios such as wearing shirts as dresses, always looking for extra small stuff, and buying double zero pants. However, the problem I always have to face is trying to find shoes! I wish I could be one of those people that get to go on a shopping spree for shoes. My problem is, if I ever wanted to go to a wedding or a formal event, where am i supposed to find heels that would fit me without butterflies and glitter all over it!

The search was over today when I found the shoe store and name brand made by Andres Machado. He specifically makes shoes for those with bigger feet and smaller feet as well. Who knew I could finally fit in heels that are my size! Time to go shoe shopping! For those of you with small or big feet, check out this site! www.alonai.com Your problems are forever solved.

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