October just so happens to be ‪#‎DwarfismAwarnessMonth‬. We were all brought into this world the same way, some of us just did not grow too much. Of course we have to face daily difficulties and challenges every day that may seem mundane to regular sized people. Things like shopping for clothes, grocery shopping, driving, and dealing with the constant stares and comments we get every day. But, I am not going to sit here and complain about all of them. We all have problems we have to face, but instead, just be proud of who you are. If I were to list out all the challenges I have faced growing up, I could write a whole novel about it. Nothing is easy, but it doesn’t mean we can’t look at things in a bright way.

When I have problems shopping for clothes, that is when I take out a pair of scissors or find a magical seamstress. Or there is this awesome perk called the kids section where yes, we do occasionally shop at. Afterall, who doesn’t like cheaper clothes?

Grocery shopping? Just look at it as a giant ninja training camp for us. You get to test out your insane climbing ninja skills without knocking over the shelves. Climb trolleys and of course occasionally ask for help. 😛

When dealing with constant stares and comments, I just ignore it. It wasn’t always easy growing up, but people that do not understand are not worth the time. You can always just turn your head and smile back. If they take pictures? Just whip out your camera and take theirs back (Make sure the flash is on to make it even more obvious)

The word midget is very often used. I for once do not care about the word. Afterall, it is just a word. It only means anything once you let it affect you. Of course, little people is always the proper term to go about. So watch what you say, before you do. You never know how it may affect individuals.

After several weeks, I have finished this mural in my art studio. I am the panda, and of course life will have its difficulties wrapped up around you. Just remember we are all just parts of a bigger picture, the galaxy. Because compared to the galaxy, we are all little people.

My life is filled with friends, family, and a loving husband. Just keep smiling and take the talents you have, and turn it into something beautiful.

Short and proud of my beautiful compact life, and I am going to paint the shit out of it all. <3

Feel free to email me for inquiries about anything: astayoungart@gmail.com

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