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panda astaTime to release the PANDA! Tonight at work, I will be dressing up as a panda while bartending and promoting this blog and my artwork. If you are here because you met me at work tonight, Welcome! 🙂 In this blog, I write about the things I face and encounter as a little person. I place heavy emphasis behind my panda persona, where I like to include it in numerous pieces of my art. To check out most of my pieces, please visit my professional website under www.astayoung.com

  • Why a Panda? Growing up, I suffered from Dwarfism. One way of coping is the words and story I hear from my mother every day. She compares me to a panda due to their Asian nature, how special they are, and how rare they are in this world. This has helped me through the toughest times and have become the reason why it is shown and displayed in many of my art pieces.

To those of you that took a picture with me at work tonight, feel free to post them on here or my facebook page to share with me, and I will try to post the ones I took with you guys on here. Thank you so much for supporting my page, my artwork, and please do take the time to visit my website & also like me on my facebook page!

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