Today marked the 2 year anniversary of my boyfriend and I. This post is a tribute to him, as I made a painting just for him on this special day. I want to thank him for always being by my side. I just want to keep this short and sweet as he is the very first man to truly look past the fact that I am 4 ft 5 inches tall, and love me for the way I am. Some days I tell him, “What if I was a foot taller?” and he tells me he would love me the same short or tall, it doesn’t matter.

ImageFor this painting, I used acrylics and gel medium for the texture in the background. I printed out text that were important, and collage them in the background. Let me know what you guys think!

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    May 5, 2014

    Congrats! Btw I saw this in a random excerpt of something: “Size does not matter, unless you need a big dump truck to take out all the trash that people have tried to impose upon you. Size does not matter, unless you allow the misguided opinions of people to influence and control you. You can not size up who you are, and expect it to be in alignment with what others say you should be, or what they attempt to conform you into being….”

    You probably didn’t need this, but I don’t really know you. So for whatever in case you did need a reminder, just know that your happiness and peace is what matters regardless of size or what people may think. If they interfere or tell you otherwise just because of a relation to the ground, then they are the small minded anyways and should never be allowed to compromise having a big heart or personality. 🙂 *k sorry dr. phil moment over now*

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