Oct 19


October just so happens to be ‪#‎DwarfismAwarnessMonth‬. We were all brought into this world the same way, some of us just did not grow too much. Of course we have to face daily difficulties and challenges every day that may seem mundane to regular sized people. Things like shopping for clothes, grocery shopping, driving, and dealing with the constant stares and comments we get every day. But, I am not going to sit here and complain about all of them. We all have problems we have to face, but instead, just be proud of who you are. If I were to list out all the challenges I have faced growing up, I could write a whole novel about it. Nothing is easy, but it doesn’t mean we can’t look at things in a bright way.

When I have problems shopping for clothes, that is when I take out a pair of scissors or find a magical seamstress. Or there is this awesome perk called the kids section where yes, we do occasionally shop at. Afterall, who doesn’t like cheaper clothes?

Grocery shopping? Just look at it as a giant ninja training camp for us. You get to test out your insane climbing ninja skills without knocking over the shelves. Climb trolleys and of course occasionally ask for help. 😛

When dealing with constant stares and comments, I just ignore it. It wasn’t always easy growing up, but people that do not understand are not worth the time. You can always just turn your head and smile back. If they take pictures? Just whip out your camera and take theirs back (Make sure the flash is on to make it even more obvious)

The word midget is very often used. I for once do not care about the word. Afterall, it is just a word. It only means anything once you let it affect you. Of course, little people is always the proper term to go about. So watch what you say, before you do. You never know how it may affect individuals.

After several weeks, I have finished this mural in my art studio. I am the panda, and of course life will have its difficulties wrapped up around you. Just remember we are all just parts of a bigger picture, the galaxy. Because compared to the galaxy, we are all little people.

My life is filled with friends, family, and a loving husband. Just keep smiling and take the talents you have, and turn it into something beautiful.

Short and proud of my beautiful compact life, and I am going to paint the shit out of it all. <3

Feel free to email me for inquiries about anything:

Jun 09

How I became Viral overnight

Within this past week, I did not expect to wake up one morning and see that one of my pictures became viral. I still do not know what to think of it. Flattered to be labeled as “The World’s Sexiest Midget”, but it was all the world seem to suddenly portray me as. Many of the comments were very objectifying and rude. It was weird seeing how it all started with one person stalking all my profile pictures till they took one of me from 4 years ago and started posting it around. For once, I was happy to be interviewed and actually get my voice out there of this whole matter. I won’t let anything bring me down. Always will be myself, pursue my art, and love those around me. Thank you to those that took the time to like and support my art page. There will be many more things to come in my future. Feel free to check out my interview!

May 01


So its pretty much buckle down finals week, and its been stressful trying to jam out a huge paper and staying on top of all the other classes. Tonight is one of those nights where its time to relax and get a bunch of things done. Saw these things the other day and went holy moly, its too cute. I must get it to satisfy my wine obsession and my obsession for little things that are my size. I can understand when people say items or animals are cute, but when someone look at me and go “Omg you’re so tiny, you’re so cute!” I just go, HA and walk away. If pets and items could talk they would react the exact same way the way I do when they hear that all the time. On another note, hope everyone is doing well, don’t get too stressed, just drink some wine!

Apr 22


This is my latest painting I have done for my Panda Perspective Series. In this painting, it started off as a dream I had where I got sold in a black market by my very own sister. That dream led to this painting, where it features the sideshow aspect of the job I had, and how being a little person will always affect the way people look at me. As much as I want people to be more open minded, there will always be those people out there that are close minded and do not understand such things. In this painting I painted a “Midget Black Market”, it shows pandas locked up for pictures for $5, shows them being rented out for roles such as a fairy, dwarf, etc, and it has oompa loompa pandas handcuffed on their way to the midget tossing arena. This portrays the sideshow aspect of being a little person. Being short, I will always be dealt with such problems and looked at by certain people in such manner. People will always look at my height as either a factor or a benefit in attraction towards their business. This past Saturday I finally left my job of 2 and a half years at a little person bar. What can I say? It was relieving! As much fun as it was, it is tough having to always go to work and being looked at as a “sideshow” from others. Don’t get me wrong, I got paid amazingly well, but it just wasn’t worth it.  This painting was a great way for closure to my job, and to present and show the world how society features us little people from certain angles.

Apr 18

Where to Showcase my Art?

When looking at expos, conventions, and events, it is always hard to figure out where I would possibly want to present my work at. Due to my work being a wide range catering to different types of people and age groups, I particularly found a few I would love to be a part of.

Phoenix Comic Con- I may not look the part, but deep down I am a huge nerd. I spend my weekends at work but right after, all I do is relax and play League of Legends with my boyfriend. Due to this obsession and hobbie, I found myself to enjoy painting fan art for the game. Especially my obsessions with yordles, since they are tiny and I am tiny my own self. This place would be the perfect opportunity to present my work by purchasing a booth. However, even though I was anticipating for it, the deadline for the booth registration is already up :(, there is always Amazing Arizona Comic Con and the next Phoenix Comic Con!

Toy Expos/Fairs- Something else besides painting that I do is creating characters and cater towards children. I am currently finished with a children’s book and is in search for a publisher. I feel as if toy fairs and toy shows near by would be beneficial to what I am doing and the market I am catering to.

Apr 17

I wear t-shirts as dresses, but where can i find shoes?

The one problem every little person face is the fact that it is so hard to find things that fit properly! There are ways around certain scenarios such as wearing shirts as dresses, always looking for extra small stuff, and buying double zero pants. However, the problem I always have to face is trying to find shoes! I wish I could be one of those people that get to go on a shopping spree for shoes. My problem is, if I ever wanted to go to a wedding or a formal event, where am i supposed to find heels that would fit me without butterflies and glitter all over it!

The search was over today when I found the shoe store and name brand made by Andres Machado. He specifically makes shoes for those with bigger feet and smaller feet as well. Who knew I could finally fit in heels that are my size! Time to go shoe shopping! For those of you with small or big feet, check out this site! Your problems are forever solved.

Apr 09


So It has been a while since I picked up my camera, and trust me I am an amateur photographer. I am no where close to some people’s photography. However, since my dog gave birth to 6 adorable puppies, I thought I would use them as my models just for a random experiment. Can I just say holy cow they are adorable? I am going to be so sad to have to see them go 🙁 I took mainly pictures of the runt of the litter. She is currently having problems due to her growth, but my boyfriend and I are going to wind up keeping her. Growing up I was the runt of my family. My parents never gave up on me… therefore I know what it is like to go through being the smaller one of the group all the time. I keep seeing her bump her head and fall over because her head was too heavy. Funny story? That used to be me as a kid all the time. I remember I would always wind up with bruises on my forehead from falling over.


Apr 02


Today marked the 2 year anniversary of my boyfriend and I. This post is a tribute to him, as I made a painting just for him on this special day. I want to thank him for always being by my side. I just want to keep this short and sweet as he is the very first man to truly look past the fact that I am 4 ft 5 inches tall, and love me for the way I am. Some days I tell him, “What if I was a foot taller?” and he tells me he would love me the same short or tall, it doesn’t matter.

For this painting, I used acrylics and gel medium for the texture in the background. I printed out text that were important, and collage them in the background. Let me know what you guys think!

Mar 29

Little People Big Dogs

It has been a while since I last posted, just been extremely busy with Spring Training, but it is finally over! It has been a hectic month, but through the process came across some interesting things. There has been a lot of big dogs roaming into my place of work lately. Certain perks about being tiny, big dogs practically act like donkeys for me! This boy here was super sweet.

Mar 17

Spring training is here

If you are in the industry, you know spring training is the biggest money making month! Instead of spring break, I spent mine at work! It’s been crazy dealing with baseball fans from all over the place that are in town to drink. So far have been dealt with weird questions and here are a few.

“Do you only date midgets?” Um no thanks, don’t find them attractive. My boyfriend is 5 ft 11 🙂

“Why do you say midget? That’s so rude omg.” Because I am one and I’m allowed to say it. Just don’t go using it in the context that you just used it in. Dumb bitch.

“Why do I have to tip for a picture?” Maybe because You want something from me, and so I want something back from you.

And the dreaded question…. “Omg can we get a picture? Can you sit on my lap?” No! That’s creepy. Don’t understand why people want a picture. I am just a person, just a little shorter. I sure as hell don’t want a picture with you!

This was me selling jello shots during the block party

This handsome big fella came into my place of work! I even got to sit on him, he was almost double my size!